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Affiliate Link Click Tracking

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This is an optional step.
The Infusionsoft Feed Add-On supports affiliate link click tracking using a custom field type.

The purpose of this field is to extract an Affiliate ID from the URL, and send it to Infusionsoft via its affiliate link click tracking service.

You will use this field as follows:

  1. Add an Affiliate Id field to a Gravity Form. This field type is specific to the Gravity Forms Infusionsoft feed add-on.
    Add only one Affiliate Id field to a form.
  2. Configure the resulting field to indicate the name of the URL query variable.

Step One: Add an Affiliate field

  1. Find the Affiliate ID field in the “Advanced Fields” section
  2. Add the field to a form like any other field, usually at the top of the form.

The Affiliate Id field will be a hidden field on your form.

Step Two: Configure an Affiliate field

The only configuration required for an Affiliate Id field is to name the URL query parameter. The presence of this field triggers the Infusionsoft Add-On to create a link tracking record for the Affiliate ID in the newly created or updated Contact.

  1. Open the field’s configuration panel, then click the “General” tab.
  2. Change the Field Label value to “Affiliate Code” from “Untitled”.
  3. Click the “Advanced” tab
  4. Enter the name of the URL query parameter in the “Parameter Name” setting.