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Clear Cache

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Employ the following procedure to reset the cache.
New Infusionsoft custom fields will be available when you edit a feed.

  1. Navigate to Gravity Forms Settings > Keap Feed Add-On.
  2. Click the Clear Cache button


Due to Infusionsoft API usage limits, Gravity Forms stores Infusionsoft custom fields data for twelve hours.

When you add a custom field, you might not see it reflected immediately due to this storage which improves your site’s performance by keeping a reference to your Infusionsoft custom field list in your WordPress database. This scheme works most of the time, but it’s unable to immediately detect new custom fields. Nevertheless, we want such immediate detection when adding custom fields that are intended for use in forms1.

What happens after you add a custom field for data entry? You’ll want to create or update one or more forms. As long as you stay in the Infusionsoft application, the custom field will immediately be available in the form editor. Once you step outside the Infusionsoft application, you lose such built-in integration. This is the situation facing the Gravity Forms Infusionsoft feed add-on which has no such integration. Nevertheless, we expect the add-on to detect new custom fields. There are two ways for it to detect new custom fields: 1) Automatically reset the custom fields list if it’s 12 hours older or more; 2) User requested reset.

1 As opposed to fields whose intention is data capture from 3rd party services like Plus This.