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Combine Fields

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This is an optional step.

The purpose of this feature is to help you avoid assigning too many Infusionsoft custom fields when saving form entries from a form that has many recordable fields.
You configure the Feed Add-On to set a selected Infusionsoft Contact value to a comma-separated list. The list values are obtained from Gravity Form’s multivalued field types such as checkbox, radio.
Use the list values as input to various Infusionsoft decision diamond rules based on the “contains value” rule.
The decision diamond rule will search the Contact field for a match to the appropriate checkbox value and branch to the assigned sequence when found.

Step One: Define the Gravity Form Fields

Use the same class name for each multivalued field that should be combined into one Infusionsoft field.
You don’t need to define the class. Use a space to separate CSS Class names. The class name is a signal to the plugin that this field will participate in sending combined values to Infusionsoft.
  1. Create a Gravity Form that contains at least one multivalued field type.
  2. Select the field’s Appearance tab and enter a CSS class name.

Step Two: Define the Feed Setting

  1. Enable combine fields feature.
  2. Enter the CSS Class name that you used on the form.
  3. Choose an Infusionsoft field to receive the combined value.
Consider three radio button groups.
Each of the radio button groups has the CSS class lifestyle.
When assigning each value consider using a prefix; which will be used to identify identical values when those values are used in multiple lists. Avoid spaces in the prefix. In this example the prefix will be the group name abbreviation.
The labels do not need the group prefix, so they will not match the values.
  • The first radio button group has the title How often do you exercise?
    with the following values: EX-Frequently, EX-Once, EX-Never.
  • The second radio button group has the title Is obesity a problem where you live?
    with the following values: OB-Yes, OB-No.
  • The third radio button group has the title How often do you drink alcohol?
    with the following values: AL-Frequently, AL-Once, AL-Never.
A sample Contact entry for three radio buttons might be: EX-Frequently, OB-No, AL-Frequently; which value would be found in the assigned Contact field.
To apply a tag related to Frequent Exercise, use a decision diamond that branches based on a contains test for the string EX-Frequently.