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This is an important step

Set your API key  on the Legacy API section of your profile settings page.

For instructions on finding your API key see Locate Your API Key
===== IMPORTANT =====
Always use Legacy API Key for this add-on
Ensure the key does not begin with Keap-
Version 2.4 incorporates the Infusionsoft SDK in a way that captures updates made by Novak Software, aka upstream. Earlier versions of this feed add-on incorporated an offshoot of the Infusionsoft SDK implemented as a WordPress plugin; which plugin in its current version will not work with PHP 8.
Because of this liability, Systasis strongly recommends you deactivate and delete the Infusionsoft SDK plugin.
If you’re installing for the first time, and there’s no other user of the Infusionsoft SDK (i.e. it’s not installed), configure your App Id and API Key and you’re done. If you’re upgrading from 2.3, you’ll have to decide whether or not to disable and uninstall the Infusionsoft SDK plugin. There are two cases to consider with respect to the Infusionsoft SDK plugin: it might be used by another WordPress plugin, or it was installed in version 2.3
When the Infusionsoft SDK plugin
… IS Active
Deactivate and uninstall the Infusionsoft SDK plugin. It does not run under PHP 8.
… IS NOT Active
After installation, set your Keap app name and API key.
See above, Finding Your API Key