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Use this section to describe what actions the Feed Add-On will take when processing a form post that can create a new Infusionsoft Contact.
  • Map Fields
    Use this section to select which Infusionsoft CRM fields pair with their respective Gravity Form fields. Fields are organized in two groups: Standard and Dynamic.
    • Standard Fields
      There four Standard Form fields: Company, Email, First Name, Last Name. Change the Select a Field value when you want to store a
      Standard field.
    • Dynamic Fields
      Fields in this list are any form fields whose name does not match a Standard field. For example, Account Balance is a dynamic field because it is not a Standard field.
      Do not create an Infusionsoft Custom Contact field with a name that matches a Standard field. You will not be able to access one of the fields.
      Click the + button to add a dynamic field.
      Click the – button to remove a dynamic field.