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There are two sections: 1) Required; 2) Optional

Always remember to click Update Settings to save your work.


There are only two steps:
  1. Name the feed.
  2. Map your Gravity Form fields to Keap Max fields.

HOWEVER – you should also “opt-in” two important Keap Max services: email confirmation and duplicate contact checking. They’re both optional, their default setting is “opt-out”; which means they’re both disabled.
Email confirmation is a pretty low bar for customer engagement. Systasis strongly recommends you implement an email confirmation step if your form collects opt-in emails.
Duplicate checking is not a substitute for proper list maintenance, and it’s also a low bar to maintaining a clean list. Systasis strongly recommends you implement dup checking if your form creates Keap Max contacts.


Optional steps implement features that are nice to have
    1. Affiliate link click tracking
    2. API goal conditional logic
    3. Combine fields
    4. Feed conditional logic